Lightwave RF L21412TF Lightwave RF L21412TF Stainless steel,White Lighting Control
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Lightwave RF L21412TF Stainless steel,White Lighting Control


* Works with Apple HomeKit, Amazon Echo, Google Home (coming soon) and more
* Generation 2 devices are all 2 way compatible
* You’ll need a Link or Link Plus to control this device

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Begin your home automation adventure with the Lighting and Power Starter Kit. With a Link Plus, a 1 gang smart dimmer, and a 2 gang smart socket, you’ll have everything you need to start controlling your lamps, appliances, and more.
Smart Series products incorporate Apple HomeKit compatibility, 2-way communication, built-in energy monitoring (sockets), soft start dimmers and more! The dimmer and socket are quick and easy to DIY install and do not require extra cabling. Optional 10mm spacers which provides an additional 7mm clearance are also included.


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