Energenie MIHO089 Energenie MiHome Click White Smart Home Accessory
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Energenie MiHome Click White Smart Home Accessory


Energenie MiHome Click White Smart Home Accessory

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Product Description

The MiHome Click is a super smart button which gives you greater control of your MiHome products. The Click allows you to control any of your MiHome products from a simple press. Put the Click anywhere with the included adhesive stickers and youll have a smart button anywhere you want. Put it on the wall where youd like a wall switch; put it next to your bed or on the coffee table for easy reach. The Click offers three functions, a single click, a double tap and a long hold. With each different press you are able to control individual MiHome products or groups. For example: A single click to switch off all your lights as you leave the house A double click to turn the heating down and switch off your bedroom lights before bed A long hold to control the lights before you enter the darkness of your garage Further to using the Click with MiHome products it can be used to control other smart products through IFTTT and Yonomi.


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