Energenie MIHO090 Energenie MIHO090 White Smart Home Accessory
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Energenie MIHO090 White Smart Home Accessory


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The Master only works with MiHome slave switches, this is to be used where you have switches controlling the same light, for example upstairs and downstairs. Our two gang light switch is the perfect way of integrating smart controls in to the fabric of your home. If you want smart controls but you don’t like the look or cost of smart bulbs this is perfect. With one switch you can control all the lighting in a single room. In 5 finishes including white it can be retro fitted to replace your existing switches to look great in any room. The switch works with Alexa, Google and IFTTT as well as using the features of the MiHome App such as geofencing, timers and triggers. Each switch is individually addressable. The MiHome Light Switch is a radio controlled switch which control the lighting in your home. Switching is initiated either by radio control signal or manually by pressing the button on the housing. Connect to the Gateway for app control. The Light Switches are compatible with both Amazon Alexa and Google Home as well as having IFTTT compatibility. The Switches comes in five finishes: White, Black Nickel, Graphite, Polished Chrome and Brushed Steel


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