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Home Automation

Smart Lifestyle for everyone…

At Add Value Developers we aim to help everyone achieve a smart modern lifestyle without much technical ado.
Browse our site for the latest offering in a wider range of smart devices. We are sure you will find one that suits your need.

Coveres all areas of smart life.

Our range of products covers all elements of smart life including a full range of items from the home to fitness and a lot more.
We appreciate that smart devices are new, so we offer support to businesses looking for a custom solution.

Smart Home

Our range of smart home devices covers a full bouquet of devices. We offer devices from smart home control to individual switches and bulbs and a lot more. Explore our collection in our smart home section and we are sure we have a solution for your need.

Smart Fitness

Modern life is all about getting piece of up-to-date information about individuals’ lifestyles. It not only helps in making educated decisions but also helps to improve the quality of life for all users.
Explore our smart fitness section to help you improve your life.

Smart Gadgets

There is a gadget for every activity.
Explore our range of smart gadgets that we offer in our smart gadgets sction. You may find a suitable gadget for improving your smart lifestyle.